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Phillip (Project Sleeping Beauty)

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 Phillip (Project Sleeping Beauty) Empty Phillip (Project Sleeping Beauty)

Post by iamepic on Sat Apr 07, 2012 10:39 pm

 Phillip (Project Sleeping Beauty) Arthur-Gwen-Lancelot-merlin-on-bbc-


Name: Phillip Night

Nicknames: Phil (but he only lets his dad call him that, anyone else he flips out about it.)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight as far as anyone knows. No one knows what he did in the war he was in for 2 and a half years. Usually if a guy trys to flirt with him Phillip would black out and end up hurting the male. So it just proves he's straight.

Age: 23

Race: Human and Of Royal Blood. Is Prince Of The East Kingdoms.


Eye Color: Brown and surprisingly sometimes it turns green.

Hair Color: Light Brown

Height: 5'9

Weight: 165'

Markings: Has scars on his back and his chest from fighting a older Guard in the West Kingdom's courtyard. He also has a light scar on the back of his neck from Maleficent. He fought her in the West side's forbidden woods. She had took a dagger and cut his neck open. Luckily enough it missed his Jugular Vein.
He also has a tattoo on his chest of a Dragon wrapped around a lily. The tattoo says "Honor" ;"Trust" and "Sacrifice". The tattoo was put on him during his time in the military.

Apparel: Usually when he's training he's in his military uniform. But when he's off he's usually in a plain white silk shirt, black jeans and his combat boots.


Personality: When he was a child he was a very warm-hearted boy but as he got older he became violent and drank a lot. He became a person who only cared about him-self and had no remorse or feelings for anyone. If you just gave him the long work or said the wrong thing he would want to kill you. His violence increased when he was around Aurora. When she was born and there parents decided to arrange there marriage Phillip was eight at the time. He promised to take care of her since she was so young. But Maleficent changed everything causing Phillip to be overprotective and violent to everyone who came near Aurora.

Habits: Drinking, and when he gets ticked off he tends to throw knives at people with out realizing it.

Likes: Fighting in battles; military training; partying; messing with peoples minds.

Dislikes: Anything that reminds him of Aurora's Curse, other men, studying.

Weapons: Usually carries around a sword that's blade is 3 feet long and is strapped to his leather belt.


Parents: King Hubert Night and Queen Morgan Night

Siblings: None

Home Place: The East Kingdoms

Birthday: February 4, year 1352

Main History;

When he was eight it was arranged for him to marry Aurora. When he saw her sleeping in her crib he immediately fell in love with her. But when Maleficent Cursed her he became violent and full of hatred. Phillip started to show hate for Aurora and when he was 19 and Aurora was merely 11 he started to Physically abuse her. Phillip started to hate him-self as the bruises kept showing on Aurora's face. He then ran off into war for two and a half years so Aurora could grow up with out dealing with his stupidity and violence. But when he came back when she turned 14 he saw a lot of men that were older than even him try to sexually harass her he had every single one of them hanged. Not changing one bit he became even more over protective of Aurora. And as it got closer to her 16 birthday he became more over protective because of the curse that she would die on the sun set of her sixteenth birthday. When Phillip made a mistake and showed even more hatred for Aurora that he didn't mean she was going to run away for three full months. She was only gone for 3 weeks when Maleficent had her stolen and sold to slave traders. Phillip ended up killing any one involved in slavery causing an up roar with all 4 kingdoms. but in the end it only proved that he cared more about Aurora then himself.


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