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Mitch Klainicksh Empty Mitch Klainicksh

Post by iamepic on Fri Apr 20, 2012 4:29 pm

Mitch Klainicksh


Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown turns black sometimes when angry...
Body Type: Slim

Sexual Orietation: Straight....only has eyes for Anna

Likes: Blood, Gore, Death, torture...mainly anything that causes misery to other people but himself, anna, weed, LSD, to torture people

Dislikes: any guy tht goes near anna, books, reading, guys other than himself, god, angels,


When he was human at the age of 17 he joined a devil worshipping group but was arrested two months later for over 16 rapes and over 50 murders...he was put to death at the age 18... he then made a deal with the devil and came back as a hell hound (werewolf),,,
In 1927 he saw a girl named anna... and forced her to marry him.. he then changed her to demon...but then she ran away from him....ever since then he went around killing her family and anyone in his path of finding her. He also had killed his parents and his older brother... the only family member he kept alive was his younger sister for she was already a demon and satan worshipper.

Mitch Klainicksh Were-Wolfmale
Mitch Klainicksh WerewolfMale11

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