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Antelli (aka makaykay)

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Antelli (aka makaykay) Empty Antelli (aka makaykay)

Post by iamepic on Fri Apr 20, 2012 4:30 pm

Antelli <3

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Body: Muscular
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Has a dragon tattoo on his back that goes up to his curls around him like a snake wrapping around someones neck and waist.

Likes: Cigarettes, The Band Korn, Strawberry Daquries, Cherry Slushies, The Boondocks Saints (Movie), Skrillex

Dislikes: His Own Father, Lady Gaga, The Twilight Series, British People

Mom: Abigail (An angel)
Dad: Luce (demon)


Antelli was raised by his father. His father had murdered his mom when he was born. But ever since then he could see her spirit and with all she could left some good in him and taught him some good ways... Which led him to go to God.
His father finding out had tortured him repeatedly for weeks till he was almost dead.
Then sent by God, Zeus took Antelli away and raised him in the mortal world Earth. He then met a girl named Apolcate and fell in love with her....this causing Zeus to have them married...but Antelli did not want to marry her...he hated himself for it cuz he didn't want to hurt he was afraid he was going to be like his father. and he happens to be like him....out of rage he hurts apolcate very badly...but love's her as feircly...


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