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Cole Noella

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Cole Noella Empty Cole Noella

Post by iamepic on Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:51 pm

Cole Noella MaxTheriot1


Name: Cole Noella

Nicknames: None (He hates nicknames but sometimes Rona will mock him and call him several things. Her favorite is calling him Cute White Trash...and usually that sets him off.)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Age: 24

Race: Full Blooded Demon.

Significant Other: Rona

Best Friend(s): Jayce and Austin Levy

Children: Clarrisa Jaylynn Noella


Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Blonde

Height: 5'7

Weight: 137'

Markings: Has a tattoo of a pot leaf on his shoulder blade. (Rona hates him for it)

Apparel: Just plain t-shirts and jeans. He isn't a fashion boy.


Personality: Cole's personality is undescribable for many reasons. All anyone needs to know is he has always been the worst influence and the kind of guy who will get you thrown in jail. Cole hangs out with felons and murderers along with major drug dealers, but deep inside he was hiding himself from what he truly is, that is...Until Rona shows up. When Cole's demon side decided to show up he turned into what he truly was. A kind-hearted person. He still breaks down and gets angry and regrets most of his actions from the past, but other than that he really is a good guy.

Habits: Hitting and throwing objects when he's angry.

Likes: Sketching, watching re-runs of south park and two and half men, and cooking. (Yes cooking... lol)

Dislikes: People messing with him or his family, Police Officers, his least favorite person is Ry Anderson. Disco music, anything to do with Preppy girls (Jacqueline started the prep hating) and hates open areas with alot of people. Especially malls.

Special Ability: Anything he touches can turn to ice if he concentrates hard enough.

Weapons: He hides a Glock 31 under his mattress so that way if Ry ever shows up he can surprise his father by shooting him.


Parents/Guardians: Tyra Kurtz and Ry Anderson

Siblings: Celliana Noella

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Birthday: He doesn't like anyone knowing his birthday. He's 24.


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