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Post by iamepic on Sat Oct 27, 2012 7:21 pm

Chapter 4

Bruce wasn't telling me something. I just knew it. Or maybe it's because I was bringing up the Devil's name and he was a strict catholic. How stupid could I be! I probably made him uncomfortable.
I felt something wet hit my cheek and I looked up. There was tears in his eyes.
He looked down at me and smiled. "It's nothing," he whispered. "Just get some rest okay, it's going to be awhile Father Henry has papers to sign."
"But before you get rest why don't you tell your brother why you didn't tell him what was going on at home!" I heard a voice growl.
I turned my head around to see Andrew. He was glaring at me and it made me wince.
"I'm sorry," I mumbled.
"You've been forgiven but you made, Mr. Clark Kent over here run off and go beat up Brad and now he's got bruises all over him too!" Andrew said pointing at Bruce.
I looked up to see Bruce's jaw and gasped noticing it for the first time now.
"Bruce, oh my god! Your jaw!" I clawed my way up his shoulder to inspect his face. It was deeply bruised. I wrapped my arms around his neck and lightly kissed the bruise. "Why did you do this!"
"Celly, your lucky I didn't kill the stupid lowlife, so don't worry bout me," he whispered.
"But Bruce..."
Before I could even finish, I was ripped from his arms and I was now in Andrew's. He hugged me tightly.
"You idiot! You almost died! I was praying the whole time that you'd be okay and now that you are okay, your in serious trouble!"
I flinched. I never liked it when bubby was mad.
"I'm sorry," I whimpered.
Andrew only groaned in frustration. "Your so lucky Father Henry and Superman over here is taking you in otherwise you'd be going back to the mental ward! You hear me!"
"Yes, I understand bubby," I whispered upset that I made Andrew mad and worried about me.
"Hey who the heck are you calling Superman, Quarterback Star!" I heard Bruce snap.
"What? need to be in the mental ward yourself 'Oh God of Schizophrenia!'"
"What! At least I don't appear at awkward times like the stupid Cheshire cat! And what's this God of schizophrenia? Stop blaspheming!"
"Ha, makes me more ninja then you! And who said I was using blasphemy? I mean is it not true schizophrenia people lose consciousness to reality?"
"Oh that's it! Bring it perfection boy!"
"Now, now children, let's all be calm." I heard Father Henry say as he entered the room. "Is it just me or do you two act like long lost enemies?"
"Oh we're enemies... he just needs to start walking away so we can put down the long lost part," Bruce said smirking.
"Gladly," Andrew said sneering.
"What? Stop it both of you!" I said almost starting to cry again. I wobbled a bit feeling dizzy on my feet for the first time in awhile. Bruce grabbed my shoulders to help me stand straight.
"Thanks," I whispered sinking into his embrace.
"No problem." I felt him tense up but then relax and hold me. My heart started to race. Gosh was I love struck or what?
"Well now that you two are hopefully done arguing, maybe it's time to take Celly to the house so she can rest," Father Henry said.
"Oh don't worry Father we definitely are done here," Andrew said to Father Henry and then turned to Bruce, "Till next time Clark Kent." Then Andrew walked down the hallway and out of the hospital.
"Smart Alec," I heard Bruce mutter. That made me giggle. Father Henry looked at me.
"Sorry this is all so sudden, but you gave us all quite a scare."
"I'm sorry," I mumbled.
Father Henry smiled. "No need to apologize. Come on do you want to ride in the car with Bruce or me?"
"I'll go with Bruce if that's okay."
"Alright then, see you two back home." With that Father Henry left the hospital as well.
I looked up at Bruce to see him smile. "Well this is an official welcome to the dysfunctional family."
I smiled back. "Father Henry is not dysfunctional and your not either."
"No, I most definitely am." Bruce took my hand and helped me out of the hospital, when I was settled down in the passenger seat of the sedan I spoke.
"So what did you do?"
"Huh?" he asked confused and then sighed. "Oh you mean at Cole's house?"
"Let's not talk about it, but don't worry even though I got a few bruises I didn't lose," he said winking at me.
I sighed upset that Bruce had put his life on the line for me. "Please don't do something like that again!"
"Why not Cel?"
"Because you could have got yourself really hurt, Brad or Cole could have... could have shot you!"
"Yeah well they didn't. Your brother wasn't the problem. It was your beloved boyfriend," Bruce snarled putting the key in the ignition.
"He's not my boyfriend!"
"Yeah well he was and you can see where he got you too!"
"Taking the pills was my own choice!"
"Was prostituting your choice too! You told me you stopped!" Bruce glared at me with not green eyes but they were a black abyss ... The same as in my dream. I gasped and almost screamed.
Bruce's face softened. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have yelled, it's not your fault. I just want the best for you..."
"It's not that." I said jaw dropped. His eyes were still a deep black. It wasn’t just the pupil that was black it was his iris too, they weren't that pretty green anymore, that I loved so much. The white parts of his eye were complete black too, it frightened me just a bit.
I thought I was hallucinating from all the xanax I took. I unbuckled my seat belt and slid over to him once I was close enough I put my hand on his cheek and studied his eyes. "Your eyes there..."
But before I could finish he blinked and just like that they were green again. "There what?" he asked.
"Nothing," I mumbled. "Sorry just stress is making me see things, I guess." I scooted away but he took my hand.
"Everything's going to be okay Cel," he whispered stroking my cheek. “Now get some rest okay, you really did stress yourself out today.”
I only nodded and slid away from him and buckled my seat belt back up and closed my eyes trying to get the weird hallucinations out of my head. It was obvious that the strange things I was seeing of Bruce weren’t real. I mean for heaven’s sake the boy was strictly religious, well as far as I knew. But he lived with a priest so he had to be religious, no these had to be hallucinations they just had to be. Those were my lasts thoughts before I drifted off to a deep sleep.

Not even twenty minutes later I was woken up by the slam of a car door. I opened my eyes to find myself in total darkness in someone’s arms. My first reaction was screaming.
“Ow! Celly!” A low voice growled.
A light came on and illuminated my surroundings. I found myself in a huge garage with an irritated zombie like Bruce holding me. His eyes were glassy and he looked dazed as he stumbled a bit. It was obvious he was really tired and it was close to two in the morning.
My hands flew to cover my mouth. “I’m so sorry!” I squeaked.
“You probably woke Father Henry up along with half the east coast of the United States,” he groaned. “And I think I need hearing aids now.”
I wrapped my arms around Bruce’s neck and held him. I felt like kissing him, he was so cute when he was half awake. I’ve never seen this side of him.
“Sorry I forgot my surroundings and what happened and I thought you were Brad,” I sadly admitted.
Bruce looked down at me with sad eyes. “Let’s go get some sleep Cel, I have all your stuff in the car. We’ll get it tomorrow okay?”
“What about school?”
“Want me to fall asleep behind the wheel and we all die?”
I tried my hardest not to giggle but ended up doing so anyways. Bruce raised an eyebrow as he carried me into his and Father Henry’s house.
“I don’t see how that’s amusing,” he mumbled.
I looked around the house in awe. It was beautiful. If I didn’t know priests could marry I would have thought the house had a bit of a woman’s touch to it. Everything was so clean and organized.
The garage door led us right into the kitchen and on the left was a winding polished wooden staircase and across from the kitchen was the living room.
“What was that screaming, Bruce? Please tell me the wasn’t you against another spider.”
Now I really did burst out laughing as I saw Father Henry enter the kitchen.
Bruce gritted his teeth. “That so died when I was ten! And I don’t scream like a girl!”
“Yeah… that’s not what the ten year old Bruce was saying. I thought you were a girl, and I just had mistaken your gender.”
“Look can I put her to bed so I can take a shower and go to sleep myself!”
“As long as you quit screaming like a little girl at two in the morning,” Father Henry muttered.
“It wasn’t me!” Bruce whined.
I still couldn’t help but giggle as Bruce carried me upstairs. I looked back at Father Henry and he smiled and winked at me. I smiled back.
“Not funny, Cel, not funny,” Bruce mumbled.
He carried me to a room that was bigger than my brothers whole living room and laid me down on the bed. Once he tucked me in he sat on the side of the bed looking at me with worry.
“What Bruce?”
“Your going to wake up tomorrow, right..” he whimpered. “Because if I come in here and your dead…”
I wouldn’t let him finish I held him tightly to me. I felt something warm and wet hit my shoulder and knew he was crying. This was so unlike him. Did he do drugs while I was asleep? No that wasn’t like Bruce, maybe it was just the lack of sleep and stress.
“Bruce I’m here and not going anywhere unless you or Father Henry kick me out.”
“Celliana,” he moaned. “You. Died.”
I held my breath unable to believe what he just said, but I knew it was true.
“Your heart stopped. I saw it happen.. Your eyes were just staring at the wall, lifeless, and then all of a sudden you were alive again. But for those seconds of you dead… I knew I wanted to die to if you weren’t coming back.”
I gasped. Bruce would have killed himself over someone like me?
Oh, why was I so selfish, all I had to do was promise Bruce I would be there the next morning so he could take me to school, but I didn’t even do that. None of this would be happening if I had just promised. Seeing Bruce like this made me feel unworthy of even breathing. I loved him so much, but I didn’t want to freak him out by saying I had to a crush on him since elementary school.
“For real this time, Cel. Tell me your not going to do something stupid.”
“I’m not going to do anything stupid. I promise,” I whispered pulling away from him.
Bruce only nodded sadly. “Good. This means I can sleep right? I don’t need to stay awake to make sure-”
“Bruce,” I said interrupting him. “Get some sleep.”
Bruce didn’t say anything else he just slowly stood up and walked, or I should say stumbled out of the room. After a few minutes I heard the shower from the bedroom across from me turn on. A sense of uncertainty came upon me but I quickly forgot about it. I knew Bruce wouldn’t do anything to me. I laid down my back facing the door and curled up into a ball, closing my eyes.
Bruce didn’t take long in the shower and after about ten minutes I heard him and Father Henry talking.
“Did she find out?” I heard Father Henry say from down the hall.
“No, she won’t ever either. She can’t see through the paranormal veil.”
Father Henry quietly laughed. “Paranormal? Really Lucifer, that’s what your calling it?”
My blood ran cold. Did Father Henry just call Bruce, Lucifer?” Images of what I saw in the hospital flashed in my head, along with seeing the black abyss in Bruce’s eyes when we were in the car. No I was just hallucinating all over again… or I just fell asleep already and was now having a weird dream.
“It don’t matter what it is, as long as she doesn’t see the real me again like at the hospital, and I think she got a glimpse of my true eye color in the car.”
“Exactly, and what if she does see something like that again?”
Bruce never answered instead he said goodnight to Father Henry and went into his room slamming the door shut.
I tried to think about what I just heard but I was in shock. No, it wasn’t real. It was just the pills making me hear all that wrong. There was absolutely no way someone so innocent as Bruce could be Satan. This was just sick punishment from the real Satan, himself for doing drugs. Maybe this was a head’s up warning to let me know I was going to Hell if I did another stupid thing. Once I had reassured myself that Bruce was a good person once more, I fell into a peaceful sleep.


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