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Ry Anderson

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Ry Anderson Empty Ry Anderson

Post by iamepic on Tue Oct 30, 2012 7:33 pm

Ry Anderson 5


Name: Ry Anderson (His mortal name was Anthony Turner)

Nicknames: Everyone just calls him Ry except Bruce he has to be the smart jerk to call Ry his mortal name but usually just sticks with his last name and calls him Turner.

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Age: 19

Race: Demon

Significant Other: Jade (also known as Rin Sosuke)


Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde

Height: 6'2

Weight: 165

Markings: The symbol of Swastika branded on the back of his neck.

Apparel: Usually a white or black t-shirt dark jeans and boots, but when he was in the military all he wore was the Nazi uniform.


Personality: When he lived in Da Bronx before the war, he was a carefree guy. He loved children and was very selfless. He helped others before himself and always had determination toward all his goals.

Habits: When he gets nervous or worries he paces.

Likes: AK-47's; he got the liking of jazz music from his wife. What can he say he drove a 1939 ford Convertible. He loves his cars.

Dislikes: When somebody messes with his family, his weakness has always been being in small rooms. He's claustrophobic.

Special Ability: Usually all demons get the same abilities but when Ry, died with revenge on his mind when he turned demon he was able to conjure fire.

Weapons: Even as a demon he sticks with his mortal weapons. Through-out the series you'll see him with some kind of weapon on him. (Ice-pick, AK-47, a Dragonuv, MAC -10, Desert Eagle.)


Parents/Guardians: Laura and Tony Turner

Siblings: He had one younger sister. Amy Turner she died by a house explosion.

Hometown: Da Bronx, New York

Birthday: October, 21 1921
Death: November 6, 1940

History: Anthony Turner grew up in the poor area of Da Bronx but practically worshiped his parents. His dad taught him how to play baseball and how not to hate math while his mom taught him how to cook and teached him that doing some woman stuff wasn't illegal for men (like cooking and cleaning) At the age 16, Anthony, met his high school sweetheart Emily Paige. Right when they graduated he married her and soon after that she was pregnant with a baby girl. But when Anthony turned 18 war started brewing in Europe and when World War 1 hit he was forced to go over seas leaving his wife and one year old daughter home. For two months Anthony and a few other american soldiers fought in the no man zone in Germany but were soon captured by Nazi's. All of his fellow soldiers were tortured and killed but Anthony, being the most skilled in Military torture, interrogation and execution was forced into becoming a Nazi. If he did not do as Hitler ordered his family would get the downfall. Afraid for his wife and daughter he tortured and killed Jews and innocent Americans without hesitation, many months passed till he slowly started to give up. Then came along Lucifer. With a deal. If he worked for the devil and became a demon he would make sure Anthony's wife and daughter would never get hurt. Anthony took the deal..but there was a slightest problem. Yes the deal would cover his wife and kid but his parents and little sister were the ones who had to take the downfall. Nazi's blew up his parents house and when the deal was fully complete Hitler himself put a bullet to Anthony's head. When he died all Anthony had in mind was revenge and when he came back demon he was far more dangerous than any of the others.

As for his demon life, we worked as a general for Lucifer's Demon army, he was allowed to visit his wife and daughter, but they couldn't see him. He kept himself invisible when he watched over them, he watched his wife die alone and of old age and his daughter grow up and marry and have kids of her own. After a few years Anthony changed his name to Ry Turner. and after that met another demon named Rin Sosuke who went by Jade. She was one of the lieutenants in his army and he soon fell in love with her. They became soul mates and worked together in Lucifer's army.

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