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Bruce Tenelli

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Bruce Tenelli  Empty Bruce Tenelli

Post by iamepic on Tue Oct 30, 2012 7:27 pm

Bruce Tenelli  Scene-5


Name: Bruce Tenelli AKA Lucifer

Nicknames: ( Bruce, Satan, Lucifer, The Devil)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Age: Who would know. God had created him himself. One of the First archangels along side his brother Michael.

Race: God Of Demons

Significant Other: Celliana Noella


Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Brown (Sometimes dies his hair black.)

Height: 6'1

Weight: 163'

Markings: In his mortal body he had no tattoo's but as he regained his immortal one he noticed he had a tattoo of a serphent/dragon on his back that curved to his chest and the head rested on his neck.

Apparel: On Earth he likes to live it up. And piss his brother off with the Scene style. Usually he'll wear Jeans, high tops, any color t-shirt, (even pink on a dare). And he's obsessed with all different kinds of colors of Shutter-shade sunglasses.
In Hell, he keeps his scary looks to keep Demons in order, wearing black clothing and a trench coat. Like he use to wear in the past.


Personality: In his past he was how everyone saw Satan. Cold hearted, a killer, complete monster that cared for no one but himself. But when he got a mortal body, he started to feel human emotions and as we know him now is a bit Hyper, sarcastic and always willing to make people smile and laugh. He lost his memory of his evil self, and became a very interesting mortal. That is full of emotions. Espeacially for a girl named Celly. He is in love with her and would do anything for her.

Habits: He had the tendency to speed in traffic. Even in a mortal body he has times when he thinks of violence toward people who piss him off

Likes: He is obsessed with the color green. Can't stop drinking Mountain Dew, and has a huge collection of pokemon cards from his mortal kid self (which he know uses those cards to throw out his window of his apartment to piss off people walking on the streets below)

Dislikes: He hates his ex wife Karmen, hates his brother Michael when he becomes abnoxious. Anyone messing with Celly. Hates the fact that someone can actually spontaneously combust on fire.

Special Ability: He can pratically do anything. Except if it involves combining his powers some where near God's.

Weapons: He has a coal black pitchfork made from humans worst nightmares and sickening thoughts.


Parents/Guardians: God

Siblings: Michael, Elijah, Gabriel, Samuel, Julian and Alexandru

Hometown: Heaven?

Birthday: Only God himself knows.

History: Close to 6,000 years ago. Lucifer decided to Rebel. Him and a group of demons came to earth killed men, raped women and made children slaves. Soon God became angry and with no other choice sent Lucifer's own brother to destroy him. Michael was given the most powerfulest weapon in the universe fused with all of God's power. A sword. Michael fought his brother for 6 hours, 6 minutes, and 6 seconds. Soon Michael was able to stab Lucifer in the shoulder sending him and his rebels to a land of night-mares, that Lucifer would soon call Hell. Michael was stabbed with Lucifer's own weapon and was stuck on Earth forever for being tainted by the weapon. For years Lucifer found ways to torment his brother. When Michael married and had a baby girl, he stole them away from him. Making his daughter into a slave, and damning his brother's wife to an eternity of incarnations full of horrible lives.
Right in the year of 1994 Lucifer decided to be reborn in a mortal body, soon he would find the right girl and make her give birth to a child that would cause the end of the world. But when he was born he completely lost his memory of being Satan but grew up knowing that he was that monster. With no memory he decided to just live one day at a time with a man who had saved his life when he was born. Father Henry. The man who taught him that doing homework was a smart decision and sharing was nice. Those ended up being the two things Lucifer hated. He ignored his role in life and lived as a boy named Bruce Tenelli. He made friends, his closest is the Quarter-back star of Edward R. Murrow High School, Andrew Kurtz and befriended a girl who he soon fell in love with. Celliana Noella. He never admited that he liked her afraid she'd freak if she "accidently" saw his true form. A black winged, coal-eyed boy who looked anything but innocent. But soon they couldn't resist each other and started to date, that's when he started to gain his memory back, and had to control every part of him not to hurt Celliana. But soon it became unbearable and now knowing why he came to Earth decided to make Celliana the girl he would use to cause the Revelation. Andrew Kurtz was able to stop Bruce, revealing himself to not be the ever-so-popular high school boy, but Michael the archangel. Bruce sacrificed himself sending his own soul back to Hell, by praying to the Lord for the first time ever in a long time, and saving Celliana's life. Killing his mortal body and an absolute promise he would never be able to come to earth again, or see Celliana. After a full year, God permitted him to come to Earth in his true form, as long as he didn't create the Revelation. That was good enough for Bruce, now he could work on his eternity with being with Celliana. *To know what happens next wait for book 2 too be published*)

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