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Elijah (Broken Memories Book #2)

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 Elijah (Broken Memories Book #2) Empty Elijah (Broken Memories Book #2)

Post by iamepic on Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:17 pm

 Elijah (Broken Memories Book #2) Vy


Name: Elijah

Nicknames: He has a mortal alias name. It's Jason Wiles.

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Age: 19

Race: Angel

Significant Other: Vikki Kurtz


Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Blonde

Height: 5'9

Weight: 135'

Markings: None.

Apparel: Plain T-shirt, and jeans, and converse sneakers. Elijah does not mind disguising himself as a normal teenager.


Personality: Elijah was one big living, breathing joke. He was a huge flirt, and cared for no ones feelings but his. He had a cocky attitude and played with a lot of women's hearts and crushed them when he was done. That was until he met Vikki. Vikki brought a whole new man out of Elijah and how everyone sees him now a days as a guy who would sacrifice himself for others, and watches over his family unlike before.

Habits: He has the habit of always appearing out of no where and scaring the person he appeared in front of. He can't help it, but when he uses teleportation he can't control on how to give some one a head's up when he appears.

Likes: The smell and aroma of roses. (It calms him down.) Speaking French around Vikki, he likes how it makes her blush. Harassing his brother Gabriel.

Dislikes: People messing with Vikki, he hates, his brother Julian.

Special Ability: He can read people's emotions and teleport. He can also people by absorbing there pain and sickness into himself.

Weapons: He's a man of peace. But if he must fight he just uses his fists.


Parents/Guardians: God

Siblings: Michael, Gabriel, Alexandru, Julian, Lucifer, and Samuel.

Hometown: Heaven?

Birthday: Only God Knows...

History: When Elijah fell from grace after his older brother's battle with Lucifer. Elijah had went to war with his favorite brother Julian who also rebeld against God. Elijah had loved his brother just like Michael had loved Lucifer. Just like Elijah, Julian was very scary when it came to war. And when they fought it caught mortals right in the middle. Then the Trojan war came about. Afterwards Elijah could do nothing but surrender. Julian cursed his brother to become as heartless as him. Michael and Elijah walked the Earth as cursed men, but they also were the first two of all the brothers to marry. Elijah for so many years just had one night-stands and the longest he stayed with a woman was a week. But he would do no more. Elijah cared for only himself and his needs and urges...that is till he saw a small 13 year old girl just drop dead.

For weeks he watched the small 13 year old Vikki, and noticed for once in his life that there was an actual girl who didn't desire a man. Unlike all the other girls all Vikki wanted was her family and for that small rose bush she had since she was little to actually bloom. Elijah did small things for her. Like use his powers to make the roses bloom. He didn't show himself to her, he felt like a fool for liking a girl so little. But one day he watched as the small girl fall over no longer breathing at the side of her house. Her parents seconds from finding out her horrible fate. Elijah had saved her life by finally revealing himself and discovered she had Terminal cancer. He had absorbed the cancer into himself and fought it off saving the girls life.
It was soon that he also discovered that her parents were Michael and Tyra. Unfortunately the girl woke up and saw him and the secret was out. He didn't reveal himself again until her sixteenth birthday and this time refused to stay away and planned to face Michael on the matter. After that he planned to marry Vikki and stay with her ever. But that was when Julian came back for another fight and this time stole Vikki away from him and along with Michael's wife Tyra. For years Elijah once again became cold-hearted and killed any demon he saw. He locked himself in an asylum but it wasn't soon after that Michael brought him out and Elijah started to take care of Michael and his brothers. That's when he met Celliana and started to have hope that Vikki was somewhere out in the world and still alive.

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